Services & Procedures

Front Range Decorative Concrete Inc. always uses the correct procedure when constructing a project. It only makes good business and practical sense to only complete the project one way. The right way. Rest assured, we have the skill, knowledge, technology, and experience to do the job right. You will not be disappointed.
We have outlined the basic procedure for constructing a textured concrete patio.
• Layout: layout formwork, taking into consideration pattern and aesthetic appearance.
• Compact and prepare soils to a uniform surface (typically 4″ thick)
• Place rebar 3/8 inch rebar 2 ft. on center each way or otherwise specified.
• Place concrete (3500 psi) ¾ ” aggregate and screed to proper grade
• Float concrete to create a uniform surface
• Apply evenly color hardener with two coats using dry shake method. Float in colors after each coat
• Trowel surface with steel trowels to create smooth surface
• Apply thin coat of release agent
• While concrete is still in plastic state, textured tools or stamps are used to create desired pattern
• Control Joints: control joints are used to control cracking. All concrete will crack. Control joints will be installed where needed and will be worked into the pattern as well as possible to remain aesthetically pleasing.
• Vertical Surfaces: Color and texture can be applied to vertical surfaces where specified. A color and mixture is applied to concrete faces, trowled smooth, release agent is then applied and textured
• Concrete is protected from excessive hot or cold temperatures and precipitation.
• Detailing: Chip all joints between stamps, pressure wash, buff for even color, touch up and then seal with approved sealer

Understand this is the basic procedure for a colored and textured surface. Each application has special circumstances, but be assured that the process and procedure for your application is the correct one. We are happy to discuss any procedure with you to insure that you understand the process.